Our Approach

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Our approach combines the latest understanding of Pilates therapy techniques, biomechanics and body alignment with the proven classical Pilates methodology.

At Perfect Posture Pilates we are devoted to promoting fitness and wellness through refined and intelligent movement. Our private sessions are carefully tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether you are looking to change your body shape, maintain strength throughout your pregnancy, heal after an injury or from chronic pain, or to simply develop a deeper connection with your body.

Our expert instructors develop custom exercises and personalized sequences to accommodate and challenge you. Movements are corrected, and modified, props are used, resulting in a long, lean, and healthy body.

What our clients are saying

“I do Pilates with Varvara twice a week and she is the best…I went from not being able to bend over to touch my toes to a bendable Barbie. She works out all the muscles in your body to make them long and lean. Your posture will improve immensely as will your mood after her class. She is a true professional and a great Pilates instructor.”

~ Marie L.

“Who would have thought that exercise would be so much fun and exhilarating. Varvara is very knowledgeable and informative. She doesn’t just go through the motions. She focuses on the whole person, is highly experienced and knows what she is talking about. I feel great and have recommended her to many of my friends. I am forever hooked.

~ Maro D.

“I recently started taking Pilates classes at Perfect Posture Pilates with Varvara Kalinin, and I found that her expertise, knowledge, and professionalism about the needs of all aspects of the human body far exceeded any other Pilates or fitness instructor that I have experienced. Varvara is very patient and precise in teaching the movements. She models, guides and assists as needed to ensure that exercises are done effectively, and provides the support and expertise to help build confidence, strength and flexibility. Exercises are individually tailored to meet my needs in a sequential manner and increased in complexity as my own skills improve.

Additionally, Varvara supplements Pilates movements with her knowledge of Thai massage and Gyrotonic when needed to improve mobility and to ease tightness. She uses fantastic props and excellent equipment to maximize comfort and posture alignment. I look forward to each class and leave exhilarated, refreshed and confident about my own growth in fitness.

~ Eleftheria D.

“After six months of working with Varvara, I was not only a size smaller but 100 times stronger and confident in my movements!!!
Varvara’s not just an instructor, having been a professional dancer all her life, she understands the physical challenges of the body in motion. More importantly, she learns your body and its weaknesses before any serious training ensues. She’s not just an instructor, she’s more comparable to a physical therapist.
Call her what you want…I call her the miracle worker!!!!

~ Joyce D.