best pilates in new york
Top 10 Pilates Teachers in New York City by Expertise! “Perfect Posture Pilates is a boutique studio located in Long Island, NY that offers body conditioning and physical rehabilitation. Perfect Posture Pilates has received great reviews from clients due to the studio’s classes that improve posture, informative instructors, and effective sessions.” Read more

Top 10 Pilates Studios in NYC by Timeout Magazine! “Anyone with back pain or looking to rehab an injury will have Perfect Posture to thank for making them feel like new again: You’ll definitely break a sweat as you work with reformers and resistance bands, but not in a way that hurts.” Read more

In contrast to feel-the-burn Pilates, these private sessions are slow-paced and take place mostly on the Cadillac: that all-in-one machine with bands, bars, and springs for assisted stretching and strength training. In addition to bridges and leg lifts, instructor Varvara Kalinin nudges seated students into safer neck-and-shoulder alignment. Read more

At Perfect Posture Pilates the focus on posture goes a few steps further. First up, owner Varvara Kalinin does a posture assessment to locate poor movements such as sitting with weight to one side or a hip slouch when standing. She then utilizes traditional Pilates poses and exercises to “restore, mobilize and stabilize” different areas of the body. Read more

To get acquainted with the apparatus, schedule a personal or small group session at this Queens favorite. If you’re too intimidated, opt for the mat class, which takes you through the basic moves on—yup, you guessed it—a mat. Read more

Varvara guided me through a beginner Gyrotonic routine, and I loosened up right away. It was impossible not to — I was stretching my body in a way I never have before, and it felt effing fantastic. After leading me through routines for my arms, legs, shoulders, and back, we did some core-focused floor work. After my 90-minute session, I felt loose, decompressed, and about two inches taller. The next day, I was surprised at how sore my muscles were. Read more